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IIHS Calls for Better Tractor-Trailer Underride Guards

Tractor-trailer underride guards have saved countless lives by preventing passenger cars from sliding beneath an 18-wheeler during an accident. But as personal injury attorneys who have represented victims of catastrophic truck accidents, we’re glad to see that the industry strives … Continue reading

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Truck Driver Break Laws at Issue in Federal Appeals Court

Anybody with a connection to the commercial trucking industry should pay careful attention to a pending federal appeals court ruling concerning California’s law on truck driver breaks. Whichever ruling the court hands down has the potential to send ripples across … Continue reading

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FMCSA Continues Grappling with Entry-Level Truck Driver Training Rules

When you consider all that has happened in this country in the past two decades, it’s somewhat remarkable to then think about one thing that hasn’t happened. We’re still trying to establish entry-level truck driver training requirements. The Federal Motor … Continue reading

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Road Opens to Help Military Vets Find Careers in Trucking

Less than a month before claiming a somewhat more-heralded victory, President Barack Obama announced an important win for U.S. military veterans who aspire to a career as a commercial truck driver. In mid-October, the President signed the Military Commercial Driver’s … Continue reading

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FMCSA Eyes Changes in Assessing Truck Crash Accountability

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, in an effort to better assess the circumstances that lead to truck accidents, announced that new processes are being studied that will consider more than police accident reports. Transport Topics reported that FMCSA administrator … Continue reading

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FMCSA Toughens Rules on Sanctioned Carriers, Brokers

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration recently toughened its stance on carriers who know their way around the rules, as well as on those with deep enough pockets that paying fines for repeated offenses isn’t enough to make them change … Continue reading

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Three-Vehicle Crash Kills One in Brookhaven, MS

A man was killed after his passenger truck was involved in a three-vehicle accident on Interstate 55 South in Brookhaven, Miss., on Monday, April 9. According to a report in the Sun Herald, the man’s truck struck a Mississippi Department … Continue reading

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Con-way Truckload to Utilize Maptuit NaviGo Technology

Con-way Inc., one of the largest for-hire trucking carriers in North America, announced recently that it will install Maptuit¬† NaviGo technology on all of its trucks and tractors equipped with Qualcomm Inc. computers. A recent report in Transport Topics states … Continue reading

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Truckload Carriers Association Announces Fleet Safety Winners

We applaud the efforts of the Truckload Carriers Association in recognizing trucking companies throughout North America that promote safer highways by maintaining strict safety codes as a standard part of business practice. The TCA recently announced the three finals in … Continue reading

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New York State Trucking Law Helps Protect NYC Pedestrians

In New York City, trucking attorneys know that 70 percent of accidents involving pedestrians and large trucks occur because big-rig drivers cannot see people passing directly in front of their vehicles. A new New York state trucking law requires many … Continue reading

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