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Anti-Indemnification Laws Aim to Hold At-Fault Parties Responsible

Put in the simplest terms, trying truck accident cases – or any personal injury legal matter, for that matter – is about holding an at-fault person or entity responsible for their negligence. With that in mind, we were proud to … Continue reading

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Truck Driver Break Laws at Issue in Federal Appeals Court

Anybody with a connection to the commercial trucking industry should pay careful attention to a pending federal appeals court ruling concerning California’s law on truck driver breaks. Whichever ruling the court hands down has the potential to send ripples across … Continue reading

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NYC Looks to Crossover Mirrors to Reduce Trucker Blind Spots

It’s been said that what begins in New York City will reach the rest of the country eventually. With that in mind, it’s fair to wonder how long before municipalities follow New York’s lead in mandating that commercial vehicles have … Continue reading

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FMCSA Toughens Rules on Sanctioned Carriers, Brokers

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration recently toughened its stance on carriers who know their way around the rules, as well as on those with deep enough pockets that paying fines for repeated offenses isn’t enough to make them change … Continue reading

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Oklahoma to Launch Nine New Ports of Entry Stations

The Oklahoma House passed legislation recently to fund nine Port of Entry weigh and inspection stations on state highways. TruckingInfo.com reported that the first station, located on Interstate 35 near the state border with Kansas, opened in late April, and … Continue reading

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California Trucking Group Opposes State Law Mandating Breaks

A representative for the California Trucking Association responded with concern to a court ruling that will require trucking companies in the state to give truck drivers a 30-minute meal period within the first five hours of driving. Michael Shaw, CTA … Continue reading

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States Add Anti-Indemnification Laws to Protect Truckers

State lawmakers in Minnesota and South Dakota recently passed anti-indemnification legislation that prevents shippers from including contract provisions that make truckers liable for any accident, regardless of who is at fault. Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton signed the new law earlier … Continue reading

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TIA Pushes to Reduce Broker Liability in Trucking Accident Cases

In the wake of our recent courtroom win, when an Oregon jury awarded our client a $5.2 million verdict after finding a trucking broker negligent for wrongful hiring, the Transportation Intermediaries Association has launched a campaign to reduce broker liability … Continue reading

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Highway Speeds Raised for Trucks Driving in Illinois

Since New Year’s Day, truck drivers travelling on many non-interstate highways in Illinois have been able to hit higher speeds after new state law went into effect in 2012. ¬†According to the Quad-City Times, Senate Bill 1913 raised the speed … Continue reading

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New York State Trucking Law Helps Protect NYC Pedestrians

In New York City, trucking attorneys know that 70 percent of accidents involving pedestrians and large trucks occur because big-rig drivers cannot see people passing directly in front of their vehicles. A new New York state trucking law requires many … Continue reading

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