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How much insurance coverage is available in bus collision cases?

A for-hire motor carrier operating in interstate commerce must have $5 million insurance for any vehicle that seats 16 passengers or more. The minimum insurance for vehicles that transport less than 16 passengers is $1.5 million. This applies, for example, … Continue reading

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Thirty-Five People, Mostly Students, Injured after “Dream” Tour of Harvard University

 Destined for our Dream foundation inspires students through life coaching over a 27 week “Dream Academy” that culminates in a tour of one of four college campuses, according to founder Eric Waller-Hill, a former Olympic shot put hopeful. This Saturday, … Continue reading

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Fatal Crashes Seven Times Likelier With Curbside Buses

Turns out they don’t just seem more dangerous … they are more dangerous. If this year’s fatal bus crashes in New York, New Jersey, and Virginia weren’t proof enough, a new National Transportation Safety Board study finds that curbside bus … Continue reading

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