When must a truck company give a driver a drug test?

There are six general times drug test checklistwhen it is mandatory for a motor carrier to drug test a driver, or other employee in a safety-sensitive position:

  1. Before hiring—the driver must always be tested unless he or she has been in a federally-approved drug testing program in the past 30 days and meets other strict requirements.
  2. After a collision—the driver must be tested in all instances when there has been a death and in some cases when there have been injuries or a towed vehicle.
  3. Randomly—all motor carriers must have random drug testing of 50% of its drivers annually.
  4. Reasonable suspicion—all carriers must drug test drivers it has a reasonable suspicion violate drug regulations.
  5. Return-to-duty—all drivers must receive a return-to-duty drug test.
  6. Follow-up—Follow up tests must meet federal requirements.

These drug tests are all mandated by Part 382, Subpart C of Title 49 of the Code of Federal Regulations.

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