Seeking Uniform Regulations for Oversize/Overweight Trucks

The American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) is in oversize load croppedthe process of reviewing and attempting to standardize state regulations for oversize/overweight trucking loads. In November 2012, AASHTO passed a resolution to review regulations concerning escorts for oversize loads, as well as requirements for warning flags lights, signs, and days and hours of operation. I welcome efforts in this area and look forward to seeing proposed uniform standards.

I have handled several cases involving oversize and overweight loads. When I first got into these cases, I was surprised that there were not uniform standards. For instance, some states make it illegal for a rear pilot car operator following behind oversize load to use a remote control unit to steer the rear of an extra-long trailer (sometimes well over 200 feet), while in adjacent state may permit it. I believe this practice is highly dangerous and violates the standard of care in the industry; nonetheless, the be helpful to have this put into place is a clear law.

In addition to industry concerns, I urge AASHTO to take into consideration, first and foremost, highway safety and to include clear regulations on remote control operations as part of its new standards.

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