FMCSA Shuts Down 26 East Coast Bus Operations

Citing violations such as hiring drivers who hadn’t received their commercial driver’s license, and employing drivers who didn’t pass drug and alcohol tests, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration recently idled 26 bus operations that serviced passengers  on Interstate 95 in the eastern United States.

According to, the FMCSA, in its largest crackdown ever, called the bus companies an “imminent hazard” when it forced the closure of the bus companies that operated on a stretch of one of the nation’s busiest highways between New York and Florida. Primary targets of the crackdown included Apex Bus, I-95 Coach, and New Century Travel, all of which oversaw the operations of other carriers. Combined, the companies provided service to nearly 1,800 passengers every day.

The FMCSA had been investigating the companies for the past year following a series of fatal crashes in the spring of 2011.

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