Daytime Hazmat Hauling Banned in Boston

The City of Boston and hazardous materials industry officials have been squabbling for years over proposed rules that would limit hazmat hauling in the city during daytime hours, when traffic patterns are heaviest.

According to a report in Transport Topics, the Massachusetts Department of Transportation stepped in recently and banned the practice. In doing so, the MDOT heeded the advice of a consultant who advised that Boston should ban hazmat trucks from hauling dangerous materials during daytime hours. The mayor’s office calls the decision a “victory for the people of Boston.”

What will be interesting is to see how elected officials in cities around the country respond. While hazmat-hauling restrictions exist in other areas, the ban in Boston could pave the way for other municipalities to attempt implementing similar restrictions.

Also of interest will be the reaction of hazmat industry officials. Previous attempts in Boston to ban daytime hazmat hauling were overturned by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration after strong petitioning by the American Trucking Associations.

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