Oklahoma to Launch Nine New Ports of Entry Stations

The Oklahoma House passed legislation recently to fund nine Port of Entry weigh and inspection stations on state highways. TruckingInfo.com reported that the first station, located on Interstate 35 near the state border with Kansas, opened in late April, and a second station is slated to open later this year on Interstate 40 in Beckham County near the state border with Texas.

The recently passed legislation creates a fund that will be managed by the Oklahoma Corporation Commission, using money redirected from the Higher Education Facilities Fund’s fuel tax revenue. According to the report, $500,000 will be directed to the newly created fund every month for more than eight years, generating a total of $51 million.

The recently opened station in Kay County cost nearly $11 million. It includes weigh-in-motion technology capable of checking a vehicle’s weight, size and permit status using road sensors.

TRUCK ACCIDENT FAST FACT: According to TruckInfo.net, nearly 5,000 people are killed in truck accidents in the United States every year.

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