Minivan, Tanker Truck Collide in New Hanover, PA

A woman driving a minivan was injured when her vehicle collided with a tanker truck at an intersection in New Hanover, PA, on Monday, March 5. According to, the tanker truck flipped on its side after the two vehicles crashed at the intersection of North Charlotte Street and Swamp Pike. According to the report, the woman driving the minivan was taken to a nearby hospital and treated for injuries. The driver of the tanker truck was also taken to a nearby medical facility for drug and alcohol testing, as mandated by state law.

TRUCK ACCIDENT FAST FACT: According to, injuries sustained in a motor vehicle or truck accident may not present for months, even years, following an accident. Medical research indicates that the delay of injury symptoms is the norm; approximately 75% of accident victims remain symptomatic for a minimum of six months after an accident.

 (Photo credit: John Strickler / Journal Register)

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