Multiple-Truck Accident in Arkansas Leaves Driver in Serious Condition

Three semi-trucks were involved in an accident on the morning of Wednesday, Feb. 1, just outside Reyno in northeast Arkansas, according to In a truck accident believed to be caused by heavy fog that blanketed the area, a grain truck was pulling onto Highway 328 from Highway 67 and was struck by a refrigerated truck driving south on 328. Seconds later, a third truck driving northbound collided with the overturned refrigerated truck. It took emergency crews almost two hours to get the driver of the refrigerated truck from the cab of her vehicle. She was transferred to a nearby medical facility and listed in serious condition. The drivers of the other two vehicles escaped with only minor injuries.

TRUCK ACCIDENT FAST FACT: According to, one person is injured or killed in a truck accident every 16 minutes.

(Photo credit: Barry Cooney / KAIT)

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  1. david robinett says:

    your story was incorrect,the grain truck struck the reefer truck head on,which means one truck was in the wrong lane and one or more was moving at an unsafe speed,i was there a bit behind and spent two or so hours waiting for the emergency vehs to clear a way around them. the mail truck(as told to me by emergency personel) then struck the rear of the grain truck,guess he wasnt paying attn either. the fog was so thick i was moving at about 30 mph,a small pick-up was right on the rear of my trailer and when i saw the em people i was right on top of them and had to slam on my brakes to stop,the p/u went all over the road to avoid my cant seem to get some of these idiots off the road,im talking abt the p/u driver. driver training in this country is abysmal,and oh,btw,most car-truck wrecks are caused by the cars because they dont know how to drive. and then you add lack of training of modern truck drivers,and the great lack of manners out there and the fact that a lot of people whine if theres not enought toilet paper,potatoes,etc on the shelves(this is because companies dont keep a lot of invintory around(the just in time nonsense) add even more restrictive govt regs because of groups like crash and patt who dont really have any idea what they are talking about and youve got a great recipe for even more of this type of next time you want to put up a story about some poor car driver who got him or herself killed in a semi involved wreck you should also put in there what that car driver did to put himself in that situation,or do you even care whos really at fault?

    • Michael Leizerman says:

      Thank you for your comments, David. I am sorry that you had to witness the aftermath of such a tragedy and glad that you were not harmed.

      I agree that the majority of car-truck crashes are the fault of the driver of the car. I report on many truck crashes on my site. The fact that I report about it doesn’t necessarily mean that it is the truck driver’s fault, although it does appear in this instance that it was either the grain or the reefer truck’s fault. I am a big fan of educating car drivers about the fact that trucks can’t stop as quickly and can’t maneuver like a car. I have my CDL and understand this very well. I’ve also sat and cried with too many families who’s little kids’ dad was killed, or somebody’s wife or husband has been killed because a driver on meth swerved off the road after his company, which knew about prior meth convictions, put him back on the road in violation of FMCSA orders. Or the gas tanker company that admitted that it put a meth user back on the road and intentionally ran their gas tankers overweight to make more money.

      David, I know that this isn’t the majority of truck companies. I see the very worst of them (the two examples I gave are from real cases I’ve handled and I have many more horror stories.) Most truck companies and independent owner operators follow the rules. The companies that take shortcuts at the expense of safety compete unfairly with truck companies that follow the rules and do the right thing. I am a fan of PATT and CRASH and Roadsafe and Advocates for Highway Safety and anybody else that is trying to help reduce trucking deaths and make the roads safer for car and truck drivers. I do care about who’s at fault. I do care about who is injured. I care very much.

      Michael Leizerman

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