New Trucking Technology Captures License Plates, Tracks HOS

Washington state trucking attorneys should take note of new automated license plate readers that help officers identify commercial drivers who are in violation of hours of service rules.

Truck Driving

The trucking technology automatically screens trucks passing Washington weigh stations for size, weight, registration, and safety record. But it also lets trucking enforcement officers check how many hours a truck has been active.

The State Patrol’s new software will help ensure that driver logbooks are correct and the truckers are within their HOS time limits.  The Washington State DOT and WSP set up a dozen automated license plate readers throughout the state at major weigh stations and entry points. License plates and truck images are recorded every time a truck passes one of those 12 points, so WSP can see when a truck has passed a location and cross-check that with the trucker’s logbook.

Of late, WSP has identified at least eight crashes where fatigued drivers had falsified logbooks to extend their hours of service.

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