Truck Accident Weekly Roundup: October 18 – October 24

In order to be effective, a truck accident attorney must be competent, knowledgeable and working for you. He must have the trial skills to take your case all the way. I have handled numerous truck accidents throughout the United States, many of them similar to those noted below. If you need an attorney or if you’re an attorney looking for co-counsel or a referral arrangement, I’d love to talk to you. Please feel free to contact me at or call me at 1-800-628-4500. reports a tractor-trailer accident that occurred on Sunday, October 23 around 10:37pm in Perkins Township, Erie County, Ohio. According to police, a tractor transporting a hay trailer overturned after traveling off the right of Patten-Tract Road near Bogart Road. 28 passengers were hurt and some were ejected from the trailer. Two passengers from Castalia were air lifted to Toledo for treatment. The Ohio State Highway patrol arrested the 47 year-old driver of the tractor-trailer for driving under the influence of alcohol. reports a semi-truck accident that occurred on Monday, October 24 in Hillsboro, Oregon. Investigators said a semi-truck transporting cars failed to stop at a stop sign and struck a train at Washington and 10th street. Eight people were injured, seven of which were taken to a local hospital. Police said the semi-truck driver would receive a citation for failure to obey a traffic control device. reports a dump truck accident that occurred on Monday, October 24 around 8:00am in Riverdale, New Jersey. The dump truck struck eight vehicles at the base of a hill on south Route 23 just north of Route 287 and flipped. According to the police chief, the dump truck driver said his brakes failed but an inspection disputed his statement. Five people were injured and received neck and head injuries. They were being treated at Chilton Hospital.

Your Houston News reports an 18-wheeler accident that occurred after 2:30pm on Thursday, October 20 in Cleveland, Texas. A semi truck traveling on northbound US 59 rear-ended a Dodge Ram truck that then struck a Chevy van. The accident happened on the San Jacinto River bridge. A 38 year-old male occupant of the truck was ejected and suffered major injuries to his shoulders and head. He was airlifted to a hospital in Houston and was listed in stable condition. The Michigan-based driver of the 18-wheeler received a citation for failure to control speed.

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