New Illinois Law to Improve GPS Data for Truckers

Last week, Illinoispassed a law to improve the GPS data available to truck drivers. The goal is to provide better routing details specific to trucking in the state, thus helping to reduce accidents and traffic.

Truck GPS

Starting January 1, 2012, the state and its municipalities will be required to inform the Illinois Department of Transportation about such essential details as preferred trucking routes, weight restrictions on roads, and height limitations for bridges and overpasses. The state’s DOT will then post this information on its website.

The law also calls for streamlining the way cities and towns report designated truck networks and preferred routes, as well as merging databases that contain important data such as overpass heights.

Another major element of the statute is a provision to help educate truckers about the benefits of using GPS devices created specially for them. Getting that message out could help improve life on the road in Illinois for all drivers.

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