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Truck Accident Weekly Roundup: August 2 – August 8

In order to be effective, a truck accident attorney must be competent, knowledgeable and working for you. He must have the trial skills to take your case all the way. I have handled numerous truck accidents throughout the United States, … Continue reading

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New EOBR Technology from Rand McNally helps Truck Companies

As a truck accident lawyer, I know that safety regulations don’t translate into saved lives unless the regulations are enforced. In particular, the argument over whether it is safe for drivers to drive 10 hours versus 11 is meaningless if … Continue reading

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Illinois Simplifies State Truck Laws

Illinois has just simplified and clarified its trucking laws governing truck weight, truck length, and speed. The new legislation took almost a year of cooperation between trucking advocates, the Illinois Department of Transportation, and the Illinois State Police to come … Continue reading

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Truck Accident Weekly Roundup: July 26 – August 1

Consider this: A truck accident in, for example, Ohio may be complicated if the victim is from Florida, the truck driver is from Kansas, the truck is owned by a California company, the trailer owned by a Missouri company and … Continue reading

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