Truck Accident Weekly Roundup: August 9 – August 15

It takes a little fire in the belly to fight with truck companies and insurance companies day in and day out. I get personally offended when, for example, an insurance company offers a pittance when one of their insured’s vehicles crosses a centerline and kills somebody’s mother. But being passionate alone is not enough. The best way to beat the truck companies is old-fashioned hard work. Please feel free to contact me at or call me at 1-800-628-4500. reports a tanker truck accident that occurred on Friday, August 12 in the Montgomery County area of Riverside, Ohio. According to police investigators, a truck driver lost control of a rig while attempting a right-hand turn onto Old Troy Pike from Needmore Road. The semi-truck first hit a stopped car and then toppled onto a second vehicle, killing a female driver inside. Though officials are still investigating the accident, they believe speed may have been a factor.

The Murrieta Patch reports an accident involving a bus and a box truck around 7:50am on Wednesday, August 10 in Murrieta, California. The California Highway Patrol said a chain-reaction accident involving multiple vehicles was initiated when a bus rear-ended a box truck on Interstate 15. The box truck then struck a Nissan pickup, and the pickup truck then rear-ended a Chevy SUV. The bus lost control north of Winchester Road and crossed all lanes of traffic, coming to a rest after striking the wall of the median. Cal Fire said seven people were injured, including one listed in critical condition.

Fox 28 reports a semi-truck accident that occurred on Thursday morning, August 11 in Elkhart County, Illinois. According to police, a semi-truck driver from Chigago was traveling on US-6 West when traffic slowed for construction around County Road 15. The semi-truck had not slowed in time to stop and swerved into US-6 East, striking a Ford Taurus driven by a male from the town of Marion. He was airlifted to a local hospital after suffering a head laceration. reports a fatal box truck accident that occurred on Monday, August 15 around 3:30am in Lakewood, Washington. According to a spokesperson from the Washington State Patrol, a box truck traveling on Interstate 5 North rear-ended a minivan that had changed lanes and slowed north of state Route 512. The box truck pushed the van into the barrier of the highway. A 24 year-old woman in the back seat of the minivan was killed at the scene of the accident. Two others were transported to a hospital with injuries.

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