Truck Accident Weekly Roundup: December 28 – January 3

Attorneys handling truck accident cases should be familiar with all the Federal Motor Carrier Safety regulations. Of course just being familiar with the regulations is not enough. Attorneys must also conduct thorough discovery in order to apply those regulations to the facts of a specific case. I have handled numerous truck accidents throughout the United States, many of them similar to those noted below. Please feel free to contact me at or call me at 1-800-628-4500. reports that a garbage truck ran over and killed a man who’d just stepped out of its cab on Wednesday, December 29.  The truck was backing into the driveway of a residence to get closer to the garbage cans. The man, 24, had just stepped out to walk along the passenger side toward the rear of the truck. Police believe he slipped and fell under the wheels of the truck, which is owned by Honey Creek Disposal of Tonganoxie. This fatal truck accident happened at 26141 Ninth St.
in southwest Leavenworth, Texas. reports that a trailer came loose from its tractor and caused a multi-vehicle fatality truck wreck near Pueblo, Colorado, on Wednesday, December 29.  The big rig was heading south on I-25 when its dual-axle flatbed trailer came off. The rogue trailer crossed the median and hit a northbound semi truck carrying USPS mail cargo.  The mail truck came to rest in the median, and its driver was declared dead at the scene. Trailer debris also hit two other vehicles on the highway and sparked a grass fire by the roadside. reports that a tractor-trailer hit a stationary garbage truck, causing it to hit and kill a sanitation worker standing beside it. This fatal truck accident happened around 9:30am on Thursday, December 30, on southbound Route 28 in Herkimer County, New York. The deceased, age 61, worked for Mohawk, NY-based Spohn’s Disposal. reports two people were hospitalized Thursday, December 30, after a four-vehicle crash. The paving truck that caused the accident left the scene immediately.  This truck wreck happened just after 3pm in the northbound lanes of I-15, just south of the Sahara Avenue interchange in Las Vegas, Nevada. reports that junk fell off a truck, smashed through a car windshield, and hit a car passenger in the head on Friday, December 31. This truck accident happened on Georgia Route 400 in Atlanta, Georgia, where police closed northbound traffic for several hours. The falling matter, possibly tools or clamps, damaged several other cars as well. The passenger who was struck was hospitalized with serious injuries. reports that a tractor-trailer and a tanker truck collided early Monday, January 3.  One truck rear-ended the other in Penn Township, Pennsylvania, but reports did not specify which was in front. One of the drivers was airlifted to an area hospital, and a trailer damaged in the accident spilled glue all over the road. This sticky truck wreck happened near mile marker 35, about two miles south of the Newville exit and six miles north of the King Street exit at Shippensburg.

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