Truck Accident Weekly Roundup: October 5 – October 11

It takes a little fire in the belly to fight with truck companies and insurance companies day in and day out. I get personally offended when, for example, an insurance company offers a pittance when one of their insured’s vehicles crosses a centerline and kills somebody’s mother. But being passionate alone is not enough. The best way to beat the truck companies is old-fashioned hard work. Please feel free to contact me at or call me at 1-800-628-4500. reports that a motorcyclist died Friday morning, October 8, after a head-on collision with a semi truck that turned left into his path. The fatal truck accident happened on County Highway 330 near U.S. 23 in Wyandot County, Ohio. Wyandot County Sheriff Mike Hetzel said the semi driver “failed to yield the right-of-way and that helped cause [the rider’s] death, essentially.” The rider was flown first to one hospital and then to another one, where he died. reports two people died after a big rig rear-ended a passenger car Monday morning, October 11. The truck wreck happened on Route 119 North, near the Route 819 overpass in East Huntingdon Township. A witness reported that the car was traveling slowly in the passing lane when the truck hit it from behind.  She said it looked like the truck driver tried unsuccessfully to swerve to avoid the accident. reports that early on Sunday, October 10, a car and a big rig truck “bumped” while heading south on Southeast 14th Street in Des Moines, Iowa.  The impact sent the car sliding into northbound lanes, where a pickup truck hit the driver’s side door. The car driver died at the scene, and the pickup driver went to the hospital with minor injuries. The big rig driver was uninjured in the truck wreck. reports that two people were injured on Saturday night, October 9, when a motorcycle and a box truck crashed in the 3000 block of Belvidere Road (Route 519) in Harmony Township, New Jersey. Police said the motorcycle hit the truck as it was making a left turn into a driveway, and then the bike and its two riders slid under the truck. The injured riders were breathing but unconscious at the scene of the truck accident; a day later, the driver was in fair condition but his juvenile passenger was in critical condition in the hospital. reports that a semi truck caused a five-vehicle chain reaction accident Friday, October 8, when it rear-ended a schoolbus in Camdenton, Missouri.  The bus was heading south on Highway 5 just before Highway 7, loaded with 36 students. As it neared three vehicles waiting to make a left turn, the schoolbus slowed down, which is when the big rig rear-ended it. The truck’s impact forced the bus into a Pontiac, which hit a Mazda, which hit a Mitsubishi. The Pontiac driver was flown to a hospital for moderate injuries, and 15 students from the schoolbus were taken to a hospital for minor injuries after the truck wreck. reports that a truck hit a charter bus early Friday morning, October 8,  causing a dozen people to go to the hospital with minor injuries.  The accident happened as the truck changed lanes on I-75 South near the Ooltewah, Tennessee, exit.  Witnesses say the bus was in the far right lane when the truck moved from the middle to the right lane.

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