Truck Accident Weekly Roundup: September 14 – September 20

Trucking litigation is very document-intensive and governed by hundreds of regulations. Given this, the need for qualified truck accident attorneys to understand all facets of litigation is important. I have handled numerous truck accidents throughout the United States, many of them similar to those noted below. Please feel free to contact me at or call me at 1-800-628-4500. reports that on Tuesday evening, September 14, a freshly refueled big rig traveling north on State Road 165 ran a red light at 1200 South in Providence, Utah. It then proceeded to hit several vehicles, electrical transformers, utility poles, and a sign before blowing up. The driver was hospitalized, as was a New York State woman who suffered a broken rib and pelvis in the truck wreck. Utah Highway Patrol spokesperson says the truck driver probably faces charges. reports that a dump truck crashed into a tour bus carrying travel journalists on Friday, September 17, in Lower Windsor Township, Pennsylvania. The truck accident, which happened on Long Level Road at Klines Run Road, injured everyone on the bus and sent at least 10 of them to hospitals. The truck peeled away the bus wall and then dumped its load of stones onto the journalists, trapping them until neighbors and medical personnel came to their rescue. reports that a Salem, Oregon, city dump truck crashed into a West Salem adult care home on Friday, September 17, injuring the driver and one of the home’s four full-time residents. The wreck occurred after the truck, which was pulling a portable toilet on a trailer, bypassed a dead-end barrier and then rolled 75 feet downhill and into the house. Police said the crash may have been triggered by a medical problem of the driver’s. reports that a big rig making an illegal right turn crushed and killed a construction worker on Friday, September 17, in Forest View, Illinois. The truck accident happened on Harlem Avenue at the Stevenson Expressway. Signs were posted at the construction zone prohibiting right turns, but the driver ignored them.  His turn was too tight, and the trailer crushed the victim against a metal barricade. The victim, who died at the hospital, was struck just four minutes before the end of his shift. reports that a semi truck struck and injured two state troopers at 4am on Friday, September 17, in Mamaroneck, New York.  The troopers were stopping to investigate another truck accident (a jackknifed semi blocking the center lane of northbound I-95 near Exit 18B), when a second big rig came around the curve behind them. The driver hit his brakes and started skidding; his cab crashed into another car at the scene and his trailer crushed the troopers’ cruiser. The officers sustained back and neck injuries and were released from the hospital that same day.

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