Truck Accident Weekly Roundup: August 10 – August 16

It takes a little fire in the belly to fight with truck companies and insurance companies day in and day out. I get personally offended when, for example, an insurance company offers a pittance when one of their insured’s vehicles crosses a centerline and kills somebody’s mother. But being passionate alone is not enough. The best way to beat the truck companies is old-fashioned hard work. Please feel free to contact me at or call me at 1-800-628-4500. reports that two Indiana big rig drivers were killed in a fiery four-truck accident in Madison County, Indiana. The chain reaction wreck began early Monday, August 9, on westbound I-70, when a semi plowed into a line of vehicles that had stopped for an earlier accident. It pushed a second semi into a pickup, and the pickup then rear-ended a third tractor-trailer. The first truck caught fire, and the driver and another man were trapped inside and perished. The pickup driver and another of the tractor-trailer drivers were taken to a hospital with minor injuries. reports that a pickup driver died just after 4am on Monday. August 9, after he slammed into a tanker truck that was backing up and blocking the roadway. The truck accident occurred in heavy fog outside of Suffolk, Virginia, on South Quay Road near Wyanoke Trail, just before the Blackwater Bridge. reports two people were hospitalized with serious injuries on Monday, August 9, when a cement truck rolled onto a passenger car on the Van Dyke Expressway, aka 22 Mile Road, west of M-53 near Shelby Township, Michigan. Police were not clear on what caused the afternoon truck accident. reports that a man was partially buried in 300-degree molten asphalt following a three-vehicle truck wreck Tuesday, August 10, in Dean Township, Pennsylvania. The dump truck tipped over onto the pickup, crushing its cab and trapping the hurt driver inside. Then the asphalt started pouring into the cab. The man was up to his waist in blacktop when the construction crew shoveled him out. He is now in a Pittsburgh hospital. reports that three people were injured the morning of Thursday, August 12, in Bear, Delaware, when their car struck a dump truck trying to turn left from northbound Route 72 onto Porter Road. The car driver and his two passengers were all hospitalized but stable after the truck accident; the truck driver was unharmed. Police are still investigating the cause of the collision

The Salt Lake Tribune reports that three people were injured when a construction truck slid off an overpass and hit a passenger car north of Lehi, Utah, on Thursday night, August 12. The southbound truck was pulling a message board on the northbound side of a closed section of I-15. The driver seems to have thought he was in a traffic lane but was in fact was on the shoulder — until the truck slid down a steep embankment and landed on State Road 92, where it hit a passenger car. Both drivers and passenger in the truck were injured; all three were taken to a hospital.

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