Truck Accident Weekly Roundup: March 08 – March 15

It takes a little fire in the belly to fight with truck companies and insurance companies day in and day out. I get personally offended when, for example, an insurance company offers a pittance when one of their insured’s vehicles crosses a centerline and kills somebody’s mother. But being passionate alone is not enough. The best way to beat the truck companies is old-fashioned hard work. Please feel free to contact me at or call me at 1-800-628-4500. reports that a woman in a passenger vehicle sustained an injury to her neck when a semi-tractor trailer struck her vehicle at the intersection of 36th Street and Broadway Street in Quincy, Illinois. The big rig made a right-hand turn into the passenger vehicle, which was traveling in the same direction. No arrests were made in this truck accident. reports that a tractor trailer struck the rear of a pickup truck, killing the truck’s driver. The truck crash happened on I-75 in Whitley County, Kentucky. The pickup truck was stopped for an unknown reason and had its lights flashing when the big rig struck it. reports that a tractor-trailer struck a passenger vehicle on U.S. Highway 77 south of Fremont, Nebraska, killing the female driver of the passenger vehicle. Fog was described as heavy at the time of the crash but Saunders County investigators do not yet know if it contributed to the crash. reports that the driver of a semi-truck lost control of his vehicle on U.S. 71 near Belton, Kansas and struck three vehicles, injuring three people. The big rig struck one vehicle with such force it pushed it across the highway median and into steel barriers of the opposing lane of traffic. Emergency crews transported two victims of the truck crash to a nearby hospital and a third victim was transported by air ambulance with severe injuries. reports that a tanker truck slammed into the back of an SUV at the intersection of County Highway PP and Prairie Road in Sheboygan County, Wisconsin, injuring two people. The SUV was stopped behind a second tractor-trailer making a left-hand turn when the tanker truck crashed into it. The driver of the SUV suffered serious injuries. Authorities’ initial reports cite speed as a contributing factor in the crash. reports that a semi-tractor trailer lost control on I-15 in Iron County, Utah and struck the rear of a passenger vehicle, killing the vehicle’s 25-year-old driver. The woman had stopped her car behind a previous accident when the big rig slammed into her vehicle. reports that a semitrailer truck ran a stop sign at Highway 57 and Highway J in Plymouth, Wisconsin, causing a 37-year-old woman in a passenger car to crash into the big rig and leaving her with chest and leg injuries. The driver of the semitrailer truck was cited for failure to stop for a stop sign.

The Associated Press reports that a semi truck rear-ended a passenger vehicle on I-95 in Washington, D.C. leaving two people in the passenger vehicle injured, one seriously. One victim, a 69-year-old woman, is the wife of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. She sustained injuries to her back, neck and nose in the truck crash. Reid’s daughter was injured, and was released from the hospital. The driver of the big rig was charged with reckless driving in the incident and has been charged with speeding on two prior occasions. reports that a semi tractor trailer struck a passenger vehicle on Highway 20 in Hardin County, Iowa, injuring the vehicle’s 86-year-old driver. Iowa State Patrol officers are investigating the truck crash that sent the victim to the hospital with minor injuries.

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