Truck Accident Weekly Roundup: November 16 – November 23

It takes a little fire in the belly to fight with truck companies and insurance companies day in and day out. I get personally offended when, for example, an insurance company offers a pittance when one of their insured’s vehicles crosses a centerline and kills somebody. But being passionate alone is not enough. The best way to beat the truck companies is old-fashioned hard work. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at or call me at 1-800-628-4500.

Reports on indicate that an accident on Tennessee Highway 11-E involving a large box truck and a pickup truck has left one man with serious but non life-threatening injuries. The accident occurred when the driver of the box truck, which was hauling another truck in its trailer, failed to yield to oncoming traffic and pulled out onto the highway in front of the pickup truck. reports that a man lost his life on Interstate 10 in Guadalupe County, Texas when a tractor trailer smashed into the victim’s vehicle after the big rig’s driver lost control of his vehicle and crossed into oncoming traffic. An initial statement by a Texas Department of Public Safety Trooper indicated that the 18-wheeler hydroplaned before colliding with the other vehicle.

According to a man was killed and another received serious injuries when the pickup truck they were travelling in was rear-ended by a semi-tractor truck on Interstate 10 in Madison County, Florida on Tuesday, November 17. The Florida Highway Patrol reports that the driver of the big rig was uninjured in the crash. reports that a truck accident on Friday, November 20, left one person dead and at least two others seriously injured, one in critical condition. The accident on Interstate 57 near Monee, Illinois involved a total of eight vehicles and occurred after a semi-tractor trailer failed to observe a traffic stop.

The State reports that a semi-tractor trailer lost control and flipped over onto a passenger vehicle leaving its driver in intensive care with a compressed fracture of the spine. The crash occurred on Short Creek Road near Wheeling, West Virginia on November 16. A local Sheriff’s Department spokesperson said that the crash was “definitely speed related.”

A report on states that a semi-trailer truck driver was killed and the driver of a passenger vehicle was seriously injured Friday when the semi truck broadsided a third vehicle on Highway 81 in Thayer County near Lincoln, Nebraska, initiating a three-vehicle crash. The deceased semi-truck driver was from Canada and the injured driver of the passenger vehicle is a resident of St. Edward, Nebraska. Another Nebraskan, the driver of the third vehicle involved in the crash, was uninjured. Investigation of the crash is ongoing.

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